Shipping Guide

Your Item Sold! Now What?

Shipping precious gear can be daunting. Luckily, we’re experts on the subject and happy to share our knowledge!

Before a Sale

You can use our 3Beats Shipping Cost Guide. It’s up to you if you want to charge a flat rate for shipping or allow for free shipping.

After a Sale

Save money, save time, and protect your gear using 3Beats Shipment Protection for the full value of the item. Receive a shipment label directly in your inbox after your item sells.


Item Ordered


Payment Verification

For your protection, we verify the buyer’s information and secure payment on high cost items.


Payment Cleared

It may take up to two days for a payment to clear.


Item Cleared for Shipment

When the item is cleared for shipment, it must be shipped within 3 business days.

3Beats Shipment Protection


Insure your shipment with 3Beats Shipment Protection for a fraction of the price of your item. If anything is lost or damaged during shipping, you are covered, and our responsive and friendly support team will help to resolve any issues quickly.

For only 10% of the item’s cost, receive 100% in shipment protection.

Benefits Include


File a Report Directly with 3Beats

Use 3Beat’s short and simple damage report form.


Work with an Equestrian

Speak directly to an equestrian who understands the value of your item.

Reach a Fast Resolution

Receive payment or help repairing gear quickly with one-on-one support.

Peace of Mind for Sellers & Buyers

Buyers will be able to see if your item has 3Beats Shipment Protection

We do not offer 3Beats Shipping Protection on horse trailers, tack trunks, jumps, or other oversized items.

3Beats Shipping Options

When you create a listing on 3Beats, you will need to choose a shipping price to charge your buyers for each item. We made it easy for you by allowing flat rates with 3Beats UPS discounts or you can ship items on your own. You can add 3Beats Shipment Protection to any type of shipment you choose except for oversized shipments.

Shipping Option 1

UPS Flat Rates with 3Beats

3Beats UPS Rate $8.50 (Padded Envelope)

3Beats UPS Rate $11.50 (Small Boxes A, B, or C)

3Beats UPS Rate $12.50 (Medium Box D)

3Beats UPS Rate $15.25 (Large Box E)

3Beats UPS Rate $19 (Extra Large Box F)

3Beats UPS Rate $30 (Saddle Box)

Shipping Option 2

Flat Rate Shipping On Your Own

Free Shipping

Flat Rate $5 Shipping

Flat Rate $10 Shipping

Flat Rate $15 Shipping

Flat Rate $20 Shipping

Flat Rate $25 Shipping

Flat Rate $30 Shipping

Flat Rate $35 Shipping

Flat Rate $40 Shipping

Flat Rate $45 Shipping

Flat Rate $50 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $100 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $150 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $200 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $250 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $300 Shipping

Oversized Flat Rate $400 Shipping

Shipping Option 1:

UPS Flat Rates with 3Beats Shipment Protection

When you create a marketplace listing, you will select from the available shipping options.

Refer to the shipping cost guide below to choose the correct shipping option for your item.

When you choose to ship with 3Beats UPS Rates, we will email a shipping label to you when your item sells so you can quickly and easily ship your item to the buyer. Tracking information for automatically added to each order and emailed to the customer.

If you choose to select a box that is much larger than the guide recommends, you will be charged additional surcharges with UPS.

Shipping Option 2:

Offer Flat Rate Shipping On Your Own

You can choose to have your item shipped independent of 3Beats and offer flat rate amounts. 3Beats Shipment Protection cannot be added to oversized shipments. You will need to add the shipment tracking number on orders so your customers will be able to track their shipments.


3Beats Shipping Cost Guide

Purchase these packing materials at any UPS store or Staples store

3Beats UPS Rate Padded Envelope

3Beats UPS Rate Small Boxes


Padded Envelope

9.5″ x 13.5″

Appropriate for:
  • Bridle Parts & Accessories
  • Girth Accessories
  • Lead Ropes
  • Bits
  • Kid’s Breeches & Jodhpurs
  • Kid’s Riding Shirts
  • Kid & Adult Accessories
  • Spurs & Spur Straps
  • Stirrup Leathers


UPS Shipping Cost for the US


Box A

8″ x 6″ x 4″

Appropriate for:
  • Lightweight Helmet, Boot & Garmet Bags
  • Kids’ Show Jackets
  • Lunging Equipment (not whips)
  • Martingales Breastplates
  • Adult Breeches
  • Adult Riding Shirts
  • Saddle Covers


UPS Shipping Cost for the US


Box B

11″ x 8″ x 4″

Appropriate for:
  • Bridles
  • Halters
  • Horse Boots & Polo Wraps
  • Horse Clippers Blades & Accessories
  • Paddock Boots
  • Chaps
  • Surcingles
  • Outerwear & Vests
  • Adult Show Jackets
  • Small Saddle Pads


UPS Shipping Cost for the US


Box C

12″ x 10″ x 6″

Appropriate for:
  • Blanket Hoods
  • Girths


UPS Shipping Cost for the US

3Beats UPS Rate Medium Boxes


Box D

15″ x 10″ x 12″

Appropriate for:
  • Lightweight Sheets
  • Blanket Liners
  • Coolers
  • Fly Sheets
  • Stud/Belly Guard Girths
  • Heavyweight Helmet, Boot or Garmet Bags
  • Saddle Bag
  • Large Saddle Pads
  • Shipping Wraps
  • Therapeutic Wraps & Boots


UPS Shipping Cost for the US

3Beats UPS Rate Large Boxes


Box E

17.25″ x 14.25″ x 11″

Appropriate for:
  • Medium Weight Blankets
  • Tall Boots


UPS Shipping Cost for the US

3Beats UPS Rate Extra Large Boxes


Box F

18″ x 18″ x 12″

Appropriate for:
  • Heavyweight Blankets


UPS Shipping Cost for the US

3Beats UPS Rate Saddle Boxes


Saddle Box

18″ x 18″ x 24″

Appropriate for:
  • Saddles


UPS Shipping Cost for the US

How to Ship with UPS Boxes & Envelopes

Take advantage of 3Beats reduced UPS rates by following these steps:

  1. Print 2 copies of the shipping label that the buyer purchased for your item. You will automatically be emailed a shipping label if you choose to include 3Beats Shipment Protection.
  2. Go to a UPS Store, Staples store to buy a box. View the 3Beats shipping cost guide to help you determine which box to choose.
  3. Securely tape one shipping label to the outside of the box or envelope, and place the other label inside the box.
  4. You can drop off boxes with labels at any official UPS drop-off location including UPS Stores, Staples, Michael'sAdvance Auto Parts, or CVS stores.


Schedule a UPS Pickup

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQs and feel free to reach out to our 3Beats support team.