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Consign With 3Beats

Simply send us your item(s). Our in-house equestrians clean, photograph, list, & advertise for you. When your item(s) sells, we handle the shipping and you get paid!
Consignments FAQs

Due to Covid-19, we are currently not taking on any consignments at this time.

1. Determine If Consigning is right for you.

Send us your premium tack, saddles, and apparel based on a list of brands or type of products that we accept. We list and market your item(s) for you, then store it in a secure, climate controlled space. When it sells, we ship it to the buyer and you get paid.

Because we take a minimum of $35 for each consigned item, we recommend you only send us an item if it has a resale value of approximately $100 or more.

3Beats consignment fees are as follows: 
Consignment Rate
25% (minimum $35/item)
+ Shipping Costs (See the Shipping Guide for approximate cost)

Questions? Read our consignments FAQ.

2. Read & Sign the Consignment Agreement

3Beats Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement:

This agreement is made between the undersigned person(s) as Consignor and 3Beats Equestrian, LLC known as Consignee *

Articles Consigned:

  • 3Beats  will act as an agent for the Consignor, therefore the articles placed with 3Beats will remain the property of the Consignor until sold, picked up by Consignor or shipped back to Consignor.
  • Consignor’s articles are covered by 3Beats’s business insurance policy while in 3Beats’s care. The consignment items are also shipped with full insurance that will cover any loss or damage during shipment.
  • Consignor assumes all risks and agrees to bear any and all losses which may result from fire, theft or any other casualty while the merchandise is consigned at 3Beats.
  • Items placed on consignment will be priced at the amount that is agreed upon by the Consignor and Consignee. 
  • All sales or discounts on consignment saddles will be discussed with Consignor prior to execution.
  • 3Beats agrees to advertise all consigned items on, the 3Beats Facebook page, the 3Beats Instagram account and relevant Facebook groups. 

Consignment Selling Period and Terms:

  • Consignor is responsible for all shipping charges between Consignor and Consignee.
  • Consignor must give 7 days notice prior to removing consigned item from 3Beats once it is in our inventory for consignment.

3Beats consignment fees are as follows: 

Consignment Rate
25% (with a minimum of $35/item)
  • If the item doesn’t sell within 60 days, the price will be automatically reduced by 50%. If the consignor prefers to have the item returned to them at this point, they may submit a request to within 10 days prior to the 60 day mark. The consignor will be responsible for the return shipping fees.
  • If the item doesn’t sell in the following 30 days (after the initial 60 days, 90 days total), the item will be donated to Corrall, NC Therapeutic Riding Center and other non-profit equestrian organizations. Or, the item can be returned to the consignor at the consignor’s expense.
  • If a consignor would like to have their item valued prior to consigning, please send photos and information on your item to:
  • We appreciate clean consignment tack, but we do not charge a fee for cleaning items that arrive in reasonable condition. There will be a $30 fee for items that arrive in excessively dirty condition (that will take over 45 minutes to clean). 
  • All apparel and cloth items (saddles pads, blankets etc) must be washed and cleaned prior to consignment. There will be a non-refundable fee of $30 for every item that requires washing prior to being listed.
  • If the consignor wishes to send in a saddle(s) for consignment, please contact one of our sister stores: Highline Tack or Fineline Tack All saddle consignments will be processed through those stores and will be listed on the 3Beats website as well. 


  • We provide a shipping label and full insurance for all incoming consignments. The incoming shipping fees will be deducted from your payment once the item sells, so no need to pay for shipping up front!
  • Since 3Beats offers free shipping on all items in the shop, the list price of your item will be adjusted to compensate for shipping charges. See the Shipping Guide for approximate shipping costs associated with your item.

Payment Policy:

  • Once the consignment item has sold and the buyer has confirmed receipt, full due payment will be made to Consignor within 24 hours.
  • Full due payment to consignor refers to the payment paid for the item from the buyer to 3Beats, minus the consignment fee and shipping costs (see above).
  • Payment will be made in the form of a bank transfer or through Paypal (no paypal fees will be deducted). Consignor may also choose to apply some or all of the payment to store credit with 3Beats.

Please note, we ask for your address in order to create a shipping label for you to use when you ship your consignment items in to us. There is no obligation to proceed with consignment by filling out this form.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions:

3Beats Consignment Agreement

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2. Send Us Your Gear

  1. We will email you a shipping label. Please print 2 copies of the shipping label.
  2. Wrap your item in bubble wrap (please no styrofoam/packing peanuts) and place it in a box or padded envelope. View our shipping cost guide to help you determine which envelope or box to choose. You can go to a UPS or Staples store to buy a box.
  3. Tape one shipping label to the outside of the box or envelope, and place the other one inside the box.
  4. You can drop off boxes with labels at any offical UPS drop-off location including UPS Stores, Staples, Michael’sAdvance Auto Parts, or CVS stores.
  5. Your item will be shipped UPS Ground with full shipping insurance. We will send you an email to confirm its arrival with us.

3. Let Us Do the Work

  • We will then clean, photograph and advertise your item within 5 business days of its arrival.
  • We will let you know if your item is heading off on trial or when it has been purchased.
  • Finally, we will send payment via physical check or PayPal!