Free Shipping On All Items

The Buyer has 24 hours after the delivery of the item to request a refund, unless the seller has allowed for a trial period.

To request a refund, the Buyer must fill out the Returns Request Form and our team will get back to you within 24 hours to process your case. Buyers must give a reason for requesting a refund. Valid refund requests include:

  • Item arrived is not as described by the seller
  • Item is damaged

The Seller pays for return shipping. If the Sellers included 3Beats Shipment Protection, they can file a damage report and make a claim for 3Beats insurance.

Request a Return

The Buyer can request a return shipping label at Ship the item back to the seller in the box it arrived in and place the return shipping label on the box. The item must be shipped within 24 hours from the time the refund is requested. For oversized items, you will need to negotiate return shipping with the seller.

How to Ship a Return with UPS Boxes & Envelopes

  1. Tape the return shipping label to the outside of the box or envelope.
  2. Drop off the box at any official UPS drop-off location including UPS Stores, Staples, Michael’sAdvance Auto Parts, or CVS stores. OR Schedule a UPS Pickup.

Products with Trials

Each Marketplace Seller can choose to offer the Buyer a trial period for their product, and they can add custom store policies for their trial periods. You can view each Seller’s Trials Policies on the product page under the Store Policies tab.

Please contact within 24 hours of delivery if you have a valid return request.

No returns will be accepted after the 24 hour post-delivery period (unless the purchased item states a trial period is included).

See 3Beats FAQs for more information.