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You can allow a buyer a trial period to see if the item is going to fit them and/or their horse. Saddles, for example, may be more appealing to a buyer if they can have a trial period that will allow them the chance to ride in it.

Available Trial Periods

  • 3 day trials
  • 5 day trials
  • 7 day trials
  • No trials

You can select the trial length you want to offer on the Add Product form.


Tag your listing with the trial length you want to allow

The length of the trial will appear to shoppers when they view your items. See the example below.


Trial tags and the length of the trial is visible under the Category

You can choose to not select a trial length from the drop down and leave that field blank, and the Trials Tags will not appear.


Trial length does not appear under the Category if you leave the Trials field blank

Stock Management During a Trial Period

When you ship your item to a potential buyer for a trial period, you will need to remove the listing from the storefront so someone does not attempt to buy an item that is currently on trial. To remove a listing from the storefront for the trial period, go to the Inventory section of your product listing form. Click on Manage Stock? if it hasn’t been clicked yet, and change the value of the Stock Qty to 0.

If the item is returned to the seller, the seller can go into the listing form and change the stock quantity back to 1 and the listing will appear again on the storefront.

Set Your Store Policies for Your Trial Period

You can add a policy to your store that will appear on your products. To do this, log into the Store Manager and choose Settings, and go to Store Policies. The text you enter here will appear as a tab on your product page.

PayPal Purchases on Products with Trials

If a potential buyer of an item that allows for trials chooses to pay with PayPal, and they decide not to keep the item, they will be refunded the amount of the item minus any PayPal fees when the item is returned to the seller.