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Thanks for deciding to sell your tack, riding apparel, and equipment through the 3Beats Marketplace! We’re excited to have you here. This article will teach you the basics of making a 3Beats item listing.

First things first… you need to register as a 3Beats Marketplace Seller in order to create an item listing. The process is quick, easy, and free.

1. Add a new product

Once you have a username and password for your 3Beats seller account, simply go to the Store Manager, and if you haven’t already, login with your 3Beats seller credentials.

Go to Products and select Add New.

Create New Product

You will be taken to the Add Product form.

Enter the title of the item you are selling, along with the price. You can schedule a sale price for a current or future date range by clicking on the schedule link and choosing the dates of the sale.

Select Shipping Insurance if you want to insure your shipment with 3Beats Shipment Protection for a fraction of the price of your item. If anything is lost or damaged during shipping, you are covered, and our responsive and friendly support team will help to resolve any issues quickly. For only 10% of the item’s cost, receive 100% in shipment protection.

We do not offer 3Beats Shipping Protection on horse trailers, tack trunks, jumps, or other oversized items.

Next, choose the category your item should appear in. Check out the available categories and brands of products we accept.

You can allow a buyer a trial period to see if the item is going to fit them and/or their horse. Saddles, for example, may be more appealing to a buyer if they can have a trial period that will allow them the chance to ride in it. You can choose to not select a trial length from the drop down and leave that field blank. Learn more about how trials work in 3Beats.

2. Add Images to your Listing

Next, add images to your listing. A Featured Image is the main image for your listing and required. You can add up to 12 additional images to the gallery. Click the + symbol and picture icon to add an image, and the x to delete an image. Maximum image upload size is 5.12MB.

Add images

When you add images to a listing, you can choose to upload images from your computer or device into your media library, or select from your existing images that you have previously loaded.

Please note that very large images may take several minutes to load into the site and may be slow to load on potential buyers’ devices. It is recommended you keep your image sizes to under 1 MB. To quickly and easily resize your images for the web, use the free online tool called Online Image Resize.

Upload images

You can select from existing images in your Media Library. Click Add to Gallery to add the images to your post.

Media Library

3. Describe Your Item

Write a brief description of your listing.


6. Add Details About Your Listing

The Attributes you see are based on the product category you select when you list an item. Choose from the available selections and place a check mark in the box next to the details you want to add to your listing. This information is visible to customers and makes it easier for buyers and search engines to find your item.


Save Your Listing

At the bottom of the listing form, you can choose to save your listing as a Draft or Submit it to the 3Beats storefront. If you save it as a draft, you will be able to preview your listing before it is published. Your drafts will be saved to your 3Beats store so you can go back and publish or edit them later.

When you click on Submit, your becomes visible on the live 3Beats site. Once it publishes, you will see the View button appear next to the Submit button, which will take you directly to your listing. Listings are automatically published on the 3Beats Facebook page and Twitter account.

Edit Listings

You can log into your Store Manager anytime and make edits to your products, or delete them from the site.