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How do consigments work?

The seller sends us their item(s) for sale based on a list of brands or type of products that we accept. Our consignment fee is 25% with a minimum fee of $35 per item. We recommend you only send an item if it has a resale value of approximately $100 or more. Once we receive the item we will clean it, photograph and list it. We will also advertise it through social media and store the item in our climate controlled office space. Once the item sells, we will ship it to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the item, they will have 24 hours to confirm that they have received it and it meets their satisfaction. If they do not reply within the 24 hours, the money (minus our fee) will be released to the seller.

If an item doesn’t sell within 90 days, the seller can choose to have their item(s) returned to them at the seller’s expense or donated to a 3Beats Preferred Non-Profit.

Our Preferred Non-Profit Equestrian Organizations

  • Corral – A Christian nonprofit that pairs rescued horses with girls in high-risk situations to provide healing and transformational life change.
  • NC Therapeutic Riding Center – NCTRC will be a transformative center where participants maximize their potential through high quality equine centered activities and therapies.

Want to be included as one of our Preferred Equestrian Non-Profits and receive donations from 3Beats? Let us know!


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